Here’s a sneak peek ahead to 2 novels I’ve got coming from DarkFuse in 2016.

Both of these novels are set in my new home, Newfoundland, and reflect the growing influence this place is having on my writing. It might never supplant Scotland, which is etched into my bones, but it’s getting there.

First up in June we have  FUNGOID, an apocalyptic tale of global takeover and plucky survivors. The inspiration for this one is, once again, from some early reading of mine-Wyndham and Hodgson in particular, and also from my own background – I was once nearly a scientist and have a degree in plant biology, back when the world was young and beer was cheap.

It will come in 3 editions, ebook, paperback and limited edition hardcover, which will be one of DarkFuse’s new ‘Signature’ series. Which will be nice.

When the end came, it wasn’t zombies, asteroids, global warming or nuclear winter. It was something that escaped from a lab. Something small, and very hungry.

It starts with deadly rain that delivers death where it falls, but soon the whole planet is under threat as the infection spreads, consuming everything before it.

A band of survivors on the Eastern coast of Canada watch as their world falls and crumbles to ruin. The infection seems relentless. More than that, it seems to be learning, adapting and evolving faster than they can fight it. Worse still—it is infecting not just their bodies, but is creeping into their minds, dancing in their dreams.

Can they stop it before it takes them?

Or must they all join in the final dance of death?


November will see the issue of SONGS OF DREAMING GODS.

This one is a continuation of something I’ve been building to over the past few years. It’s another house, similar to those in BROKEN SIGIL and PENTACLE, but one with its own set of problems.

I’m still building the backstory, but this moves it along another stage. There’s a weird house, singing, some Carlos Castaneda mescaline bullshit, a watcher at the gate, spooky dolls, some booze, some smoking and more singing.

It will come in 3 editions, ebook, paperback and limited edition hardcover.

This is the story of a house.

It sits on a corner block on a hill in one of the oldest cities in North America, a nondescript, three-story wooden cube.

When John Green, Janis Lodge and Todd Wiggins are sent to investigate a multiple murder on the top floor of the property, they start opening doors and uncovering secrets. But like peeling the layers off an onion, each door opened only leads them deeper into the mystery.

There are houses like this all over the world, and those who suffer are drawn to them, as John, Janis and Todd have been drawn.

They have found their way in.

Can they find their way out again? And at what cost?

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