THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR – signed hardcovers in stock

I’ve wanted to do an old style gothic novella for a while, so when Dark Renaissance asked me to write a traditional haunted house story I jumped at the chance. Scotland, a misty moor, an old crumbling manor house, an owner with a scandalous secret, and something skittering in the rafters of the library – you’ll find them all here, along with more than a hint of a Hammer horror or two.

THE HOUSE ON THE MOOR is a new Scottish supernatural novella by William Meikle from Dark Renaissance, the second book in the Haunted House series. It comes in two hardcover editions, each with three full color illustrations, and three black and white illustrations by M. Wayne Miller.

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David Blacklaw and Hugh Fraser were celebrities in the days before it became a dirty word. They had done it all, in grand style — until the mysterious scandal that brought their fame crashing to an end. Now Fraser’s grandson, John, has come to the crumbling Blacklaw ancestral home on the Scottish moors, looking for answers, in search of a story that will make his career.

But what he finds is much more than a cover-up of a scandalous secret. A brooding terror lurks in the shadows of Blacklaw House, something that skitters in the eaves and rustles in the pages of the books in the old library — a dark entity that whispers in John’s ear, seducing and promising. Meanwhile, outside in the mist, something walks the fog-bound moors, getting ever closer to the house even as John closes in on the secret.

The race is on for John to find the answer and reap the prize, before the horror takes root in his soul.

100 Signed and Numbered Hardcover Edition Price: $25.00 – NOW IN STOCK

26 (A-Z) Lettered Deluxe Hardcover Edition: $99.00 – available on order

Page count: 148

The Deluxe Hardcover Edition is bound in smooth black leather, and the front cover stamped with a haunted house in red foil, further enhanced with solid black headbands and a red book ribbon. The book will be protected by a black slipcase and deluxe hardcover edition will be signed by the author and the artist.

The Signed and Numbered Hardcover Edition is bound with the printed front cover art. It is furthered enhanced with black headbands, and a black book ribbon. The signed and numbered hardcover edition is signed by the author.

The House on the Moor - Interior Illustration

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