PENTACLE pocket sized signed limited edition hardcovers are still available from DarkFuse in advance of the Dec 15th publication date. I hope you’ll pick it up and have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

It’s another of my weird houses stories, and pulls together some threads of stuff that has been interesting me over the past few years, so there’s timey-wimey stuff, how different people cope with grief, guitar playing and the power of old tunes, old CARNACKI’s pentacle and some very weird stuff from beyond the veil.

There are houses like this all over the world. Most people only know of them from whispered stories over campfires; tall tales told to scare the unwary. But some, those who suffer…some know better. They are drawn to the places where what ails them can be eased.

But that’s not the case for the residents of the Edinburgh house, for something has disturbed the quiet reflection in that old building. A creature has slipped through, sniffling and snuffling in all the dark places, disrupting the balance of time and space.

And it’s John’s job to fix it… and when he finds an old electric pentacle in the basement that seems to be in tune with his guitar, he begins to fight back, the only way he knows how.

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