The contracts are signed – I have 2 more novels lined up at DarkFuse, FUNGOID and SONGS OF DREAMING GODS.

FUNGOID is a Hodgsonian, fungal menace takes over the world novel, and SONGS OF DREAMING GODS is another in my weird houses series getting deep into the mythos of how they function. Both novels are set in my current home, Newfoundland, which has started taking as much a hold on my writing as Scotland has over the years.

More particulars as and when I know more.

DarkFuse are being very good for me.  Back in 2011 I sent them the NIGHT OF THE WENDIGO novel. They liked it, agreed to publish it, and so I sent them a novella, CLOCKWORK DOLLS. They liked that too, so much so that they offered me a contract to write three more novels and three more novellas.  I delivered THE HOLE, THE EXILED and THE DUNFIELD TERROR novels, and the BROKEN SIGIL, TORMENTOR and PENTACLE novellas. Then I got a contract for three more novels.

With the two new novel sales mentioned above, I now have just one novel left to deliver, and that’s next Spring’s project for me. After that? Who knows.

But I’m more than happy to sign up for more if they want me as they’ve proved themselves to me, with great production values, great editorial skills, and a focus on customer satisfaction for their readers that’s second to none.

Plus, the sales aren’t half bad, and I get nice, regular, royalty checks.

I also get to rub shoulders with a fine stable of established and up and coming writers.

If you’re looking for a great read, look no further.

Yodunfieldterroru’ll find my currently available books over at their online shop here » DarkFuse